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    • Dennis Bowen
    • 2017年 6月 08日

    Great Explanation. Deja Vu is a good understanding of consciousness. Physical bodies created out of earth belong to earth and cannot travel beyond without negative affects. When asleep thought is not controlled by eyesight therefore no physical stimulation and the mind is free to wander in higher dimensions. The reason Egyptian and Christianity are similar is because of Israel’ s son Jacob taught the Pharaoh. Also my understanding of knowledge is the sewage river effect. You want to live at the beginning of the river and not at the end. This video gave abundant treasures of knowledge, Thank you for the work.

    • Taufik Sopiyan
    • 2017年 6月 08日

    nice story

    • noodleiv
    • 2017年 6月 08日

    People actually believe this?

    • Deejay MegaNaughty
    • 2017年 6月 08日

    They Floated them, the rocks have shells, because they came from the sea when the big flood http://documentaryvideosworld.com/The_Entire_History_of_the_World_in_2_Hours-full-video-documentary.htm

    • Bonnie Kennedy
    • 2017年 6月 08日

    Riveting as truth is in the midst of misinformation, propaganda, and all of the lies out there.  Bravo.  The only thing I think you need mention is: if every human being were to trace their origins they in fact  belong to one of these 13 families. 
    The problem is that some have been drastically misplaced by churches, temples, mosques, orphanages and governments.  Today with  DNA  now easily identifying who belongs to what family and at what biological level many of the “good intentions” have turned out to be not so good. 
    Things are so chaotic I think it is necessary for individuals to be clear on their truthful biological origins (what one of these 13 families they in reality belong to) and at what level of the family tree they are.  Hence the outstanding research documented  in “Holy Blood, Royal Grail”, 1981, can offer great assistance.
    The good thing is that we, being human beings, are all related by our species.  All that do belong to the human family are represented today by these 13 families mentioned in your movie, or as the bible says, 12 tribes.  Hence, human consciousness matters and DNA is pivotal in this process.
    As humans we really do tend to create our own problems but not to worry, it’s all in the family, and I think this generation and in this golden age of enlightenment where DNA, evolution, and species has become so relevant maybe we will learn to respect each other more so that we do not become extinct and will be more able to put our collective intelligence and human consciousness to the most righteous use.  Amen.

    • T3hTroll
    • 2017年 6月 08日

    The thing is…. it’s really easy to change states of consciousness. Meditation is where it’s at because it allows you to secrete melatonin and feel as if you’re floating… are you actually floating and going through another dimension? Not at all, melatonin is your hormone which allows you to fall asleep.. so what your brain is doing is constructing a reality different from anybody else because it differs depending on memory and association.

    What goes on if you don’t try and control it — but allow it to control itself? You brain generates vivid images as if you were dreaming. Yes… I have felt the floating sensation, yes it seemed as if I was flying — but what is actually going on is… decreasing your prefrontal cortex activity and dropping stress hormone levels while letting your pineal gland secrete the hormone into your blood stream.

    Ancient Greek, Chinese and other sorts of classical medicine associate itself with something which is invisible… my theory is that its hormones. Reason? Well… look into the ancient medicine and replace their theory with the idea of hormones and analyze the similarities.

    • T3hTroll
    • 2017年 6月 08日

    Funny, I listen to these things because they have a neat theoretical sense behind it, and as well a logical psychology perspective which is not obvious.

    People who use more of the left hemisphere of their brain tend to be more depressive and people who tend to use more of their right tend to develop psychosis.

    Good stuff dude.

    • Jonathan Wilson
    • 2017年 6月 08日

    thank you Spottydogg for such amazing videos.  Such great synthesis of ideas in such a well presented yet unpretentious  manner is of so much value.  Keep it coming and bless you for all your work in illuminating our dark age.

    • Neema Paxima
    • 2017年 6月 08日

    Mostly nonsense based on legends and unreliable records such as Mayan’s. They predicted the world whould destroy on 2012 and nothing happened, yet you rely on their records?

    • suckmyassloser
    • 2017年 6月 08日

    Who were the green people with the floating heads.

    • jean doucet
    • 2017年 6月 08日

    This is the most enlightening documentry I’ve ever seen, I’ve always thought this theory but could never tie them together, but after seeing this I feel like my thoughts are complete. Thank you for this.

    • Sam Al
    • 2017年 6月 08日

    Nothing he says is backed up by facts or any real records. All this is a person’s opinion. 

    • Josh Johnson
    • 2017年 6月 08日

    Holy shit, one of craziest things I have ever put time in haha

    • Ben teh
    • 2017年 6月 08日

    This animation is by spirit science

    • Angelswirled
    • 2017年 6月 08日

    This stuff is ingenius, this guy is great, whoever he is.

    … HAHAHA 23:18, No it wasn’t really the Justice League.

    • TheSpottydogg Reviews
    • 2017年 6月 08日

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